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What is a tandem flight with an experienced instructor ?

It’s the easiest and safest way to realise your dream of flying, experience that special emotion and taste a sensation that very few and privileged people have had the pleasure of experiencing, flying is food for the soul.


What is a Tandem flight over Rio de Janeiro ?

It’s a double flight accompanied by an experienced instructor, which is the easiest, safest, and fastest way to realize the dream and sensation of flying.
The passenger is not required to have any previous experience, before take off he will receive a short briefing and a brief simulation on the technique of take off, this is important, as the instructor and the passenger are connected together and both are then connected to the glider.
The main purpose of the briefing, simulation and basic instructions are to teach the passenger how to interacts in fast and efficient manner with the pilot’s instructions.
After the takeoff, and the rush of the high dose of adrenaline, the passenger will feel the fresh and cool wind breeze on his face, and realise that he is actually flying, some people get the sensation that they have grown wings !
After this first flight, the passenger (student), if he wishes, can choose to continue and have a full course to become a fully certified solo pilot or just be content for having lived the thrill of flying with an experienced instructor.


Why go paragliding tandem flying in Rio?

Flying a paraglider is a very unique experience that deserves to be experienced at least once in life time, and there is no better or more beautiful and exotic location to experience it, than over the marvellous city of Rio de Janeiro.
Taking off from the top of Pedra Bonita rock, without any motor, noise or metal structures, only with the help of nature and wind, glide in total silence and serenity over the rich and beautiful green Brazilian forests, beaches and mountains is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience.
Enjoy the amazing and incredible view of Rio de Janeiro beneath your feet and listen to the winds brushing your face while experiencing the ultimate and unique sense of freedom, and beautiful sensation of a soft and safe landing on Sao Conrado beach, one of the most attractive beaches in Rio de Janeiro. Flying tandem over Rio is a blend of adrenaline, total freedom and peace all in one, an unforgettable once in a life time experience.


How is the takeoff done in a tandem paraglider in Rio?

On arrival to the launch site, the passenger (student) will receive a short but very professional and precise briefing from his instructor pilot, which includes a few simple and quick test runs and some orientations on the take of technique. After the briefing the passenger and pilot will connect to the glider and take off in to the air and start their flight in total safety.


Duration of paragliding flight in Rio

The duration of a flight depends on two main factors, the meteorological condition at the moment of takeoff and very much on the pilot’s experience and skills. An experienced pilot in this case makes all the difference, for he will be able to extend the flying time as much as possible. In general, a typical tandem flight last arounds 15 minutes, but can last longer depending on the conditions and pilot’s skills.


Flight safety in Rio

Safety always comes first, all the instructor pilots are members FAI and of the Brazilian Free Flight Confederation (CBVL), which is responsible for checking, controlling and making sure that all pilots are qualified, certified up to date and have the instructor rating.
All flying equipments used are manufactured by world leading brands and checked periodically for safety and performance.
Pilots avoid flying in turbulent conditions, and there is a team of flight inspectors who make sure those rules are applied and respected by all pilots. After all, safety and comfort are the goal, and not just to fly at any cost, thus putting the passenger at risk or causing uncomfortable or unpleasant situations. All instructors are professional pilots, certified by the Brazilian Free Flight Confederation and extremely capable to fly with total security and safety.


Reception and transport

All passengers get to meet the instructor pilot the clubs reception where they get briefed, fill and sign all the necessary forms, get their insurance and pay the club fees. The passengers are then driven to the take off area in the company of their instructor pilot. If you have a friend or family member who wishes to accompany you to the launch site, we can also arrange that, or if they prefer, they can wait in the landing area, on the premises of our flying club, have a snack and juice on the beach kiosks or even have a swim on the beach and watch you landing.


Restrictions, age, weight and clothes to fly paragliding

There is no maximum age limit for flying, but there is a minimum age of 18 years. However, there is a weight limit, not due to the weight limit of the equipment, but because some passengers with extra weight may not have the mobility required for a safe take-off, as in some cases it affects the mobility of the brief run necessary for takeoff. On average, paragliders can take off without any problems with passengers up to 100kg, and on days with strong wind, up to 120kg. Passengers weighing more than that, should contact the pilot to analyse their particular case, where the instructor might suggest another day with better conditions or stronger winds for a safer take off.
It is mandatory to wear footwear attached to the feet (tennis or similar) and on colder days, it’s recommend to use worm clothes.

People with special needs: People with special needs can also realize the dream of flying, however it’s necessary to analyse each case separately in order to make the necessary adaptations, if possible, to carry out a safe and comfortable flight. To find out more about flight for people with special needs, please contact us.


Photos and videos of paragliding flight in Rio de Janeiro

Our package includes a photo and video recording of the whole flight in fullHD using the latest GoPro equipment. We have the equipment and infrastructure to deliver it to the client in different forms, it can be delivered directly to their mobile phone, copied on to a DVD or delivered on a mini SD card. We keep a back up of all recording for 30 days, just incase the clients loses his copy, in that case we send then another copy through email , dropbox or wetransfer, this rescue service is free of charge.


Prices and packages

In reality, considering that flying is a priceless emotion and a dream come true, let alone the security and safety provided by us to achieve that dream, this experience becomes priceless.
Our packages for a tandem flight adventure, consists of a take off from the Pedra Bonita ramp and landing on Pepino beach in São Conrado.

The price for this package includes club fees, mandatory insurance, transportation to the Pedra Bonita ramp and a photo and video recording of the flight in fullHD using the latest GoPro equipment.
Although the taxes and club fees are paid in advance, payment to the instructor will only be realised after landing, and only if the passenger has enjoyed the experience. If the flight is cancelled due to bad or sudden changes in weather, nothing will be charged.
Payment can be made in cash, or if you prefer credit card, however there is a surcharge of 10%.
Transport to the launch is included in the package, but if you have a friend or family member who wishes to accompany you to the launch site, we can also arrange that, or if you prefer, they can wait in the landing area, on the premises of our flying club, have a snack and juice on the beach kiosks or even have a swim on the beach and watch you landing. Access to the ramp by own car is not advisable as it is quite steep and narrow, and requires some special skill of the driver.
To enquire about prices ​​and details of our packages, schedule a flight or if you need more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


How to book your flight

It is necessary to schedule your flight to secure your place on the day of your choice. During weekends and public holidays, we advise that you make it a few days in advance, to guarantee and have a better chance having a confirmed spot on the day you choose or desire. If it is not possible to book in advance, please contact us to check the availability for the same day or the day after.
If you are visiting the city for a few days only, we recommend that you book your flight for the first days of your stay, so in case of unfavourable weather conditions on the day of your choice, you will still have the next days of your stay to make your flight.


Paragliding flight cancellation

As all free flight depends on good weather conditions, all scheduled flights may be canceled due to bad or unsafe conditions up to 2 hours prior scheduled time. In such a case, the passenger will be contacted, so as not to lose valuable time during his holidays or other commitments.

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