Paragliding tandem fly pilot in Rio de Janeiro

Since very early in my life, flying was my passion, and it was here in Brazil 23 years ago that I saw the first paraglider, and it was love at first sight. Before I knew it, I had learned to fly and soared the blue skies over the amazing and majestic national park in the heart of my beloved city of Rio de Janeiro.

The more I flew the more I felt alive and the more I got involved with the sport, I started to compete and travel all over Brazil discovering spots, meeting people and visiting places I would have never dreamt of seeing if I had been traveling by car.

I competed, won championships, participated in the organisation of my flying club, held official and technical positions and was responsible for checking and testing pilots applying for their Tandem licence.

At one point in my flying career, I felt the strong need to share this majestic privilege and feeling with other, and hence the idea of flying tandem was born. There is simply nothing better or more noble than taking someone flying, sharing my passion and serenity with them and witnessing the almost spiritual experience they usually go through.

By Mahmoud.

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